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Covid-19 Return to Play Protocol

Francis Scott Key Jr Eagles Soccer Club

Return to Play Protocol (Covid-19) Updated 5/6/2021

 This Return to Play protocol was established by guidelines developed by MSYSA, U.S. Soccer, state and local authorities, CDC, Carroll County Rec & Parks (in collaboration with the Carroll County Health Department). The information contained in this document is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content is provided for general informational purposes only. The knowledge and circumstances around COVID-19 are changing constantly and, as such, FSK JR Eagles Soccer Club makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the completeness of this information. Further, you should seek advice from medical professionals and /or public health officials if you have specific questions about your return to soccer. Respect for everyone’s level of concern for COVID-19 will be our promise and due diligence. It will be the parent’s comfortableness and decision to whether their child returns to play for FSK during COVID-19 and/or to what extent.

The following is to be adhered by all associated with FSK Jr Eagles Soccer Club

(Coaches, Players, & Parents)

·         Participation in any in-person group activities is only allowed if you have had no signs or symptoms of COVID-19, and have not been exposed to someone who has/had signs or symptoms of COVID-19 for a minimum period of 14 days before participation.

·         If you are sick or feel sick, PLEASE STAY HOME.

·         At risk individuals, youth or adult, STAY HOME (if you are unsure if you are considered at risk, please consult your medical provider directly).

·         Temperatures of FSK personnel and players are to be taken prior to the arrival to the field (at home). It is the responsibility of all players, and FSK personnel to take your own temperatures.

·         Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or more should not come to training/practice, and will need medical clearance from your physician prior to returning to play.

·         At this time, No one is to share water, towels, or any other personal equipment. This includes but not limited to: Shin guards, socks, shoes, clothing, tape, hairbands, pinnies or bibs. In addition, no team huddles, high fives, fist bumps.

·         It is suggested that personal equipment is cleaned after each practice.

·         All Parents and/or spectators are asked to socially distance while at the fields, however, mask will not be required at our home fields.

·         Players and Coaches will not be required to wear a mask while participating at our home fields.

·         When traveling to away games; coaches, players, and spectators will be required to follow the specific guidelines put in place by their local community officials. 
This may include but are not limited to: Limited number of spectators, Players wearing a mask while on the field, Spectators wearing a mask at all times, etc.



If any FSK personnel, team, parent or player is not able to follow this protocol, they will not be permitted to continue and potentially not return to soccer at this time. This will be monitored by the FSK JR Eagles Soccer Executive Board. Any questions or concerns please contact [email protected].